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Our Work

The BIP Lab is dedicated to understanding how behavioral insights can be used to leverage parental investments to promote children’s development and reduce social and economic inequality.  

















The BIP Lab aims to promote human potential by using cutting-edge research methods to gain new insights into the science of parent decision-making.


The BIP Lab asks novel questions across scientific disciplines to make data-driven recommendations that help improve society.


The BIP Lab works to identify ways to facilitate decision-making to help parents invest in their child’s development in the way parents themselves want to invest. We aim to close the gap in outcomes between advantaged and disadvantaged families to promote economic and social mobility. We have successfully implemented programs to help parents optimize their decisions about the amount of time that they invest in educational activities with their children, increase their children’s attendance in school, and promote their engagement in their children’s school activities and events.

Our Team

The BIP Lab was co-founded by Harris School Professors Ariel Kalil and Susan E. Mayer in 2014. Professors Kalil and Mayer work with a large team of professional research staff, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate and undergraduate students to design and implement the BIP Lab’s research.

Our Partners

Our research would not be possible without the participation of families and the partnership of schools and community-based organizations. We partner with a large network of schools and organizations in the Chicago area, across the U.S., and internationally to study novel approaches for supporting parent decision-making.

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