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We aim to turn our research into real world results. Our resources for preschool parents are drawn from our evidence base. We bring you early math activity and counter cards, early math tip sheets, and early math videos – all intended to increase and improve your engagement in your child’s learning.

Math Activity and Counter Cards

As part of a research study on promoting early math skills called About TIME, we designed our own Activity Cards for parents to do with their preschoolers at home to build number sense into everyday play. Use these cards alongside your young one – they transform learning into active fun! Note the About TIME counter cards can be paired with these counter blocks or similar ones.

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Math Tip Sheets

As part of our research on promoting early math skills, we designed our own Math Kit (MKit) with suggested activities for parents to do with their preschoolers at home. Try them out with your little one – they make learning fun and easy!

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Math Video Series

Interested in ways you can support your child’s early math development? Watch these videos to learn more about making math a part of your daily routine! Content designed by Akemi Hong. Generously supported by the CME Group Foundation.

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