Improving Parent Engagement in Schools and at Home 


Head Start and other publicly supported preschools spend substantial energy promoting family engagement. 

Family engagement programs include family meetings, home visits and parent volunteer activities at the school. Whereas evidence suggests that family engagement is key to closing the achievement gap, family engagement activities offered in subsidized preschool programs have largely been unsuccessful in either increasing family engagement or improving school readiness.

Parent Engagement and Action for Kindergarten Success 


The Study

In partnership with the Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC), Parent Engagement and Action for Kindergarten Success (PEAKS) aims to improve school readiness of low-income children not enrolled in preschool. PEAKS will use behavioral tools designed to increase parent engagement to build child skills in the home. Generously supported by J-PAL North America.

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Parent Engagement and Action for Kindergarten Success (PEAKS) Overview

An Evaluation of TalkingPoints Parent Engagement Platform


The Partnership

In collaboration with TalkingPoints, a family engagement platform, this evaluation will produce insights on whether parental engagement increases through use of the TalkingPoints platform and if so, whether there is a resulting increase in children’s executive function, which is a precursor to an increase in academic outcomes.

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TalkingPoints Program Evaluation Overview

MAP4Parents Phase I

The Study

MAP4Parents Phase I sheds light on why parent engagement programs have had at best modest success at improving child outcomes and uncovers the reasons parents fail to fully participate in such programs. These reasons will inform the development of a behaviorally- informed intervention. Generously supported by Paul M. Angell Family Foundation.

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MAP4Parents Phase I Overview

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