Understanding Low-Income Families’ Experiences with COVID-19


Parents’ decisions are even more important during the COVID pandemic as families and preschools are facing new challenges in supporting children’s learning and wellbeing.

The BIP Lab has leveraged several existing studies with families in Chicago to learn more about their experiences during the COVID pandemic. We’ve also capitalized on our relationships with preschool directors to understand how preschools are supporting children’s learning. The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of technology and spurred us to identify its role in children’s learning.


The COVID-19 Survey: Parents





The COVID-19 Survey: Preschools




The COVID-19 Survey: Parents

We administered a survey on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on families with preschool children in the Chicago area with a focus on the effects on parents’ investments in their children’s skill development during school closures.

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The COVID-19 Survey Research Findings

The COVID-19 Survey: Preschools

We administered a survey to preschool directors to assess the supports they provided to families during the pandemic.

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