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Unleashing Ed Tech’s Out-of-School Learning Potential, U.S.News, October 5, 2023

Young Kids in Low-Income Families Get Less Exposure to Math. Can the Right Apps Help?, EdSurge News, August 30, 2023

New BIP Research Explores Effects of Parent/Child Math Engagement, Harris Public Policy, April 11, 2023

Research collaboration to examine parent-child learning interactions’ impact on child skill and curiosity, MIT News, January 10, 2023

Little Learners, Math Skills, and a Whole Lot of Data: About TIME and the Possibilities for Parents, Harris Public Policy, July 11, 2022

It’s about time — the best ways public policy can support parents, The Hill, May 27, 2021

How can Illinois schools reconnect with missing students? Text messages, ‘putting on gym shoes’, Chalkbeat Chicago, May 25, 2021

Parents fear for their children’s mental health amid coronavirus pandemic, USA TODAY, April 20, 2021

OPINION: How technology can help parents communicate with preschoolers, The Hechinger Report, September 9, 2020

COVID-19 could erase parenting gains of the last 30 years, Brookings, October 26, 2020

Quarantine Having Lasting Impacts on Kids’ Health, WEBMD HEALTH NEWS, May 15, 2020

Intensive Care: What Makes a ‘Good’ Parent?, The New York Times, Feb. 20, 2020

Some toddlers are chronically absent from preschool. A text message can help, Quartz, 

Helping kids by texting their parents? Here’s what experts say about this exploding strategy. Chalkbeat, Dec 17, 2019

New research partnership evaluates innovation in family engagement, MIT NewsNovember 19, 2019

Reading at home and school attendance shot up with a cheap, easy solution: Texting, USA TODAY, September 12, 2019

Helping Parents Follow Through, Behavioral Scientist, September 10, 2018


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