2023 Susan E. Mayer Award for Excellence in Field Research Winners

The Susan E. Mayer Award for Excellence in Field Research was designed to honor student research assistants at the BIP Lab who have demonstrated excellence in field research implementation. It is the first Harris student award that comes with a monetary prize and academic recognition on the students’ official transcripts. These four student research assistants demonstrated the highest standards in contributions to data collection; representing the BIP Lab and Harris in the community; informing research design; improving data quality; and professionalism and collegiality. Join us as we celebrate these trailblazers setting the highest standards on the front lines of field research. Learn more about the award here.

Clare Grzegorzewski

Harris Public Policy, Class of 2023

Clare Grzegorzewski is a second-year MPP student at the Harris School specializing in Social and Economic Inequality. Clare came to Harris and the BIP Lab with an interest in studying urban education to formulate policy interventions that promote equitable outcomes for historically marginalized groups. As a first-generation student from Detroit, Michigan, Clare has experienced firsthand the transformative powers of education in achieving social and economic mobility. Clare is proud of her role in advancing the BIP Lab’s work in studying how programs and policies can support parents and is honored to receive the Susan E. Mayer Award for Excellence in Field Research.

Eli Bec

University of Chicago, Class of 2023

Eli Bec is an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago pursuing a degree in Sociology, Latin American Studies, and Visual Arts. With a deep commitment to social justice, Eli has dedicated their academic career to understanding and advocating for Latinx communities. Their BA Thesis project on how the ritual of roast pork functions for Cuban Americans in Miami is a testament to their dedication to uncovering the complexities of race, gender, and class identities in the diaspora.

Eli will be pursuing an MSW at Smith College, with a specialization in clinical social work, where they plan to continue their work in the field and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those they serve. Eli is passionate about working with Latinx families who navigate life without proper access to mental health services. Eli’s ability to connect with people in the communities they work with and their genuine interest in their stories and struggles are a reflection of their deep commitment to making a difference.



Michelle Vazquez Gleason

Harris Public Policy, Class of 2023

Michelle has been working with the BIP Lab for the past 14 months as a Research Assistant and Bilingual Assessor where she ran more than 300 assessments. She grew up in Mexico and as a beneficiary of social policies, she developed a passion for improving the lives of others through education and efficient interventions. For almost 10 years, Michelle worked for the Mexican government in social policy design and implementation. When she came to The University of Chicago, she knew that she still wanted to help others improve their lives and have access to other opportunities. Michelle is a recent master’s graduate from the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, she holds BA in Political Science from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico.



Taryn Kim

University of Chicago, Class of 2025

Taryn is an undergraduate student from Los Angeles double majoring in Public Policy and Sociology and minoring in Education and Society. Outside of the Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab, Taryn is a board member of the nonprofit consulting student organization, campusCATALYST, works as a policy researcher for the Paul Douglas Institute, and tutors elementary school students in her free time. Her favorite part of working for BIP was conducting math assessments with students in the fall. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in education policy.